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Art – We are constantly in search of beauty and in an effort to create something new.

Metal – metal is a unique material in its infinite variety of color, texture and strength.

Lab – laboratory


ArtMetalLab is a creative workshop for creating Artistic Metal in Architecture, combining classical traditions with the search for new forms.
Experienced and qualified masters of the ArtMetalLab art workshop guarantee the highest quality of work. See the results on our website.
An individual approach to each work allows us to create not just forged products, but real works of art for your home and interior.
Wrought-iron gates, fences, wrought-iron furniture, design items, wrought-iron art objects created for you and your family for many years to come. Expensive!

"A metal artist is not just about forging"


Decorative metal in the interior
When creating a Palace or modern interior, you will need solutions in decorative metal. These are both wrought-iron railings of stairs,
and metal partitions zoning the space. Lamps and floor lamps created in the techniques of artistic forging and casting.

We will help you create a unique object for your interior of the heirloom level.


Decorative metal in the exterior
We believe that beauty will save the world, and we believe that we create beauty through our talent and the craft that we own.

And if an architect creates a house like a diamond, then we can create an exquisite setting for this diamond. Artistic forging, Coining, casting and some of the author's metalworking techniques, combined with refined taste and deep knowledge of the material, give a stunning result when creating Gates, Front doors, Author's lamps and decorative objects in the landscape.

Simple things become a work of art created for you.

art objects

Decorative metal in art objects
Art in the interior always emphasizes status. Creating unique works of art in metal is our vocation.

Creating Art Objects is our creative need, but we can also design and manufacture a forged art object according to an individual project for the Client.

product design

Decorative metal in design objects
In the age of modern technology and disposable consumption, sometimes you want to touch something that has come to us for more than one day.

Something that will transmit the warmth of our hands and our energy to future generations.

Such things are not made of paper, sawdust, or plastic; they are made of metal that has passed through fire and the hands of a craftsman.

We create unique interior items for individual orders with our own hands. And you get an heirloom that will remain in the centuries.


before and after

about me

Nikolay Tabachkov
Founder & Art Director
For more than 20 years, I have been designing and manufacturing decorative metal.
After graduating from the art school as an engraver and jeweler, I graduated with honors from the Department of Artistic Metalworking of the Moscow State Art Academy. Stroganov`s and, then, taught painting and artistic metalworking there. I am a professional artist and my entire creative life is devoted to working with decorative metal in architecture.

My creative workshop is constantly experimenting with technologies and decorative surfaces. Artistic forging, welding, casting, etching… we did not call ourselves a "laboratory" for nothing.
Over the years, a close-knit team has developed, comparable in professionalism to the level of restoration workshops.

My team consists of 35 professionals and like-minded people-high-class blacksmiths, locksmiths, sculptors and my design assistants-a designer and a 3D visualizer. Perfection from idea to implementation-these are the requirements that we impose on each of our projects.
We work only to order, so the products coming out of the workshop are usually made in a single copy.
As a result of many years of work, works of decorative art of museum quality have been created, which can properly stand on a par with world analogues.

Wrought iron gates, stair railings, panels, chandeliers and other objects of small architectural forms, made by us, have become the decoration of many private interiors and homes. We are happy to perform both small interior items and complex solutions for home decoration.

More than 300 projects are the result of extensive professional experience, multiplied by love and dedication to their work. The work in the workshop is done manually and under constant author's control on my part. As a result, it allows you to create unique pieces of art, both in terms of the artistic component and in terms of performing skills.

about manufacture

The company "ARTMETALLAB" performs a range of works, including both individual items and a comprehensive solution of decorative metal in the architectural environment.

Our company produces: external fences of a private plot or a country estate, wrought-iron gates and fences that reflect the sense of style, emphasize the high status of the owner of the estate and are the most successful stylistic design of the exterior by artistic forging.

Wrought iron railings for stairs and stair railings, made with the use of artistic forging, give dynamism to any interior, from apartments to banks, offices and business centers. Reliable and durable balcony railings, using artistic forging, create an elegant appearance to the facade of any building.
Small architectural forms-wrought-iron gazebos, bridges, benches, swings, made in the same style, give the landscape design an organic character, creating a single unique pattern. Interior items and furniture create a sense of comfort in the apartment, give the interior a special charm and sophistication, allowing you to place accents favorably.

An individual approach to each work, and a careful study of the experience of previous generations of craftsmen give us the opportunity to create not just beautiful products, but real works of art.

Experienced skilled craftsmen of the company" ARTMETALLAB " guarantee the highest quality of products. Each stage of the work: sketch, project, layout, forging, assembly, painting of products and installation are carried out with maximum care and are performed at a high professional level.
At a time when technology has penetrated into all areas of production, unique design items (clothing, yachts, cars, etc.) are still made by hand by craftsmen. In the same way, we preserve the traditions of the early twentieth century, the heyday of applied art. And although these processes of creating products are laborious and laborious, only they allow you to get a unique work filled with love and warmth of human hands.

We are constantly improving our performance skills, developing new and recreating old technologies and artistic techniques. Therefore, our workshop is distinguished by the author's handwriting and is on a par with the best world workshops. And I, as an artist, manage to create original objects in the context of existing architecture


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